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The Pioneers of Defensive Driving

We didn't invent defensive driving. We just perfected it.

What if taking a defensive driving class didn't actually involve having to go to school? What if you could legally and effortlessly improve your driving record with a few clicks of a mouse? What if it could just be easier? About 15 years ago, Steve Soldis asked these very questions and forever changed how the world thinks about defensive driving.

In 1996, Steve Soldis received a traffic ticket and was faced with the possibility of points on his driving record and increased insurance premiums. In his attempt to preserve his clean driving record, Steve was faced with a variety of difficulties and roadblocks.

After jumping through so many hoops in the legal and traffic school systems, Steve committed himself to building an online defensive driving alternative to traditional bricks-and-mortar traffic school programs. That commitment resulted in the launch of

Since the initial launch of, the Distance Learning Company has also launched, and is the newest addition to the Distance Learning Company courses. Online Arizona Defensive Driving takes the aspects that were learned from and creates a specialized product for Arizona traffic offenders.

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Call Us: 1.877.805.0005